Thursday, February 19, 2009

Video ~ Spoiler ~ Information about Alex O'Loughlin's character on Criminal Minds

TV Guide's Matt Mitovich spoke to Ed Bernero (executive producer & writer of the tv show, Criminal Minds) to get more info about Alex O'Loughlin's guest starring part on the series for us! You can hear what he found out in the video above ~ beginning around the 19 second mark.

SPOILER ALERT....... details about Alex O'Loughlin's upcoming serial killer character on a soon to be seen episode of Criminal Minds.......

Mega Minute: Scoop on Criminal Minds' Date with a Vampire, Supernatural and More

• Criminal Minds boss Ed Bernero sheds a wee bit of light on guest-star Alex O'Loughlin's dark role.

"Alex is playing a killer whose life is unexpectedly changed by an incident, which prompts him to reach out to the BAU team for 'help'."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alex O'Loughlin and Holly Valance have broken up

According to the Australian newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, Alex O'Loughlin and Holly Valance have gone their separate ways. The two had been dating for over three years. Not very happy relationship news for Valentine's weekend. Since the report is from an Aussie source, the focus is mostly on Holly. As we have noted previously, the entertainment media in Australia consider her to be the bigger star.

Holly Valance splits
By Ros Reines

LA stars Holly Valance and Alex O'Loughlin have split after being an item for nearly four years. The couple, there for each other throughout their careers in America, have unfortunately grown apart.

Former Neighbours star Valance has seen her fortunes change as her recording career gave way to acting.

Most recently, she was in the thriller Taken with Liam Neeson, but she has also scored guest roles in television shows including Prison Break and Entourage.

Although O'Loughlin's vampire series Moonlight was taken off the air, he used it to catapult himself into film roles, starring in the forthcoming Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale.,22049,25055224-5009160,00.html

Photograph ~ Alex O'Loughlin and Holly Valance traveling home to Australia.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alex O'Loughlin guest starring on the CBS show, Criminal Minds

TV Guide is reporting on the guest starring role Alex O'Loughlin has coming up on the television series, Criminal Minds... which I told ya about in a previous post. We get a little more info from this blurb. Not only is Alex playing the villain on his episode, the story will be told from his point of view! That should mean even more Alex screen time *cheer*

Another bit of information, the entertainment reporters @ TV Guide have asked again for any fresh scoop about Alex's possible tv project. Still no news, unfortunately.

Alex O'Loughlin Takes a Bite Out of Crime
by Matt Mitovich

It's not the series that long ago was promised to him through a CBS talent deal, but it's something.

Alex O'Loughlin is returning to CBS by way of a guest-starring gig on Criminal Minds.

The Moonlight star, a show rep confirms for, will play a serial killer in a late-April episode that's got something extra going for it besides a dreamy Aussie. The outing will be told from the point of view of the baddie, as his latest crime and its ensuing manhunt unfolds.

At last month's Winter TCA Press Tour, CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler had indicated that O'Loughlin fans might see him back on their screens soon, though the ideal, of course, is for the actor to front his own series again. But we just checked in (again) for any movement on O'Loughlin's talent deal with the Eye, and there is still nothing to report.

Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Photograph ~ Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) in Moonlight TV Show promo picture

Thursday, February 12, 2009

TV Guide ~ Which TV Stars Do You Want to See with Their Own Show?

Hi guys........ TV Guide is asking fans to nominate their faves for this poll ~ "Which TV Stars Do You Want to See with Their Own Show?" Not only do they mention Alex O'Loughlin by name, they used this great photograph of him to go with the question. Let them know what you think. Asks
Which TV Stars Do You Want to See with Their Own Show?

It happens all the time: Your favorite TV star's show gets cancelled and he or she disappears for a while.

Or sometimes, you keep seeing awesome actors hop from one show to the next in small guest arcs or supporting roles, but they never get the chance to carry a show. Well now is the time to stand up and give these folks the credit they deserve.

We want to know: Who would you give a show to right now? Whether it's a dreamy hunk like ex-Moonlight star Alex O'Loughlin or a solid backseat actor like Damages' Anastasia Griffith, who would you as a potential network exec want to put your money on?

Tell us which actor gets your vote and why in the comments below. Then, be sure to check back and see if your favorite star makes the list!

Photograph ~ Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) from Moonlight television series

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alex O'Loughlin to appear on episode of Criminal Minds

FINALLY! We've all been waiting for an Alex O'Loughlin sighting on television or the big screen. According to Michael Ausiello @ Entertainment Weekly Magazine, Alex will guest star on a soon to air episode of the CBS show, Criminal Minds. I am thrilled to know we will get some Alex time. It is soooooo important for him to stay out there and be seen. Hollywood has a short memory. This will tide us over until Alex's own show hits the air.... hopefully!

The Ausiello Files
Exclusive: 'Moonlight' vamp Alex O'Loughlin returns to CBS

Finally, I have a bone to throw all you inconsolable Moonlight fans.

The dead drama's central blood sucker, Alex O'Loughlin, is returning to CBS in an upcoming episode of Criminal Minds, sources confirm to me exclusively

The change-of-pace hour, which is tentatively scheduled to air in April, will track a case from the POV of a serial killer, played by O'Loughlin.

This is O'Loughlin's first leap back into TV since Moonlight was laid to rest nine months ago. At press tour last month, CBS president Nina Tassler -- who signed the Aussie hunk to a development deal in August -- hinted that we may see him back on the network "soon" in a new project.

What say you, Moonlight fans? Happy to see O'Loughlin sinking his teeth into another meaty TV role -- even if he's not literally doing so? Sound off below!

Photograph ~ Alex O'Loughlin appearing at the Paley Center for Media's Moonlight tv show panel in April 2008

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Australian Cosmopolitan leaves Alex O'Loughlin off list of Homegrown Hunks

Cosmopolitan Magazine Australia recently complied their list of "Homegrown Hunks." Shockingly, Alex O'Loughlin is not included among the 26 choices! They pick men like the one pictured above (Sorry for singling you out, Curtis Stone)... but... don't recognize Alex's beauty?!? At least, they were smart enough to select Hugh Jackman and Simon Baker. However, Alex is much better looking and sexier than the majority of men on the list. I'm sure that you will agree. Lots of people have already left comments asking why Alex is missing. Click on the link below to see the entire list of "hunks."