Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Video ~ Behind the Scenes of new tv show, Three Rivers

Here is a behind the scenes video for Alex O'Loughlin's new tv show, Three Rivers. We learn what the show is about through interviews with Alex (Andy Yablonski), Julia Ormond (Sophia Jordan), Katherine Moenning (Miranda Foster) and Carol Barbee (the series executive producer). Alex in scrubs and a brief glimpse of one of his patented smiles.... yum! ;>

"A second chance is a powerful thing"

Three Rivers has been picked up for Fall 2009

It is official! CBS has picked up Alex O'Loughlin's new tv show, Three Rivers, for their Fall 2009 television schedule. His series will air on Sunday nights @ 8pm Central/9pm Eastern.

Photograph ~ Dr. Andy Yablonski (Alex O'Loughlin) in promo photo for new CBS television series, Three Rivers

Monday, May 18, 2009

TV Guide ~ CBS picks up Three Rivers!

CBS isn't hosting their official up front presentation until Wednesday. However.... TV Guide's Matt Mitovich is already reporting that CBS is picking up Alex O'Loughlin's new television series, Three Rivers! *CHEER*

Today's News: Our Take

Fall TV: CBS Picks Up Seven New Shows, Including Alex O'Loughlin's
by Matt Mitovich

CBS in one fell swoop ordered seven new shows for the 2009-10 season, including projects that will bring familiar faces Alex O'Loughlin, Jenna Elfman and Julianna Margulies back to the tube, sources say.

The new shows getting the OK from the Eye are:

-Three Rivers, starring O'Loughlin and revolving around organ transplant surgeons

-Accidentally on Purpose, a comedy about a movie critic (Elfman) who inadvertently gets pregnant in a fling with a younger man

-The Good Wife, starring Margulies as a woman who returns to work as a lawyer when her hubby gets incarcerated

-The NCIS spin-off sneak-peeked in two recent episodes of the hit procedural, and starring Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J

-Miami Trauma, a medical drama from Jerrry Bruckheimer

-Undercover Boss, an unscripted series summed up by the Hollywood Reporter as "Secret Millionaire meets Dirty Jobs"

-House Rules, about a freshman class of U.S. representatives

Photograph ~ Jenna Elfman and Alex O'Loughlin

Friday, May 15, 2009

Video ~ Alex O'Loughlin on the set of his new film, The Back Up Plan

Our first look at Alex O'Loughlin working on the set of his new movie, The Back Up Plan. shot & posted this behind the scenes video. The footage shows Alex & Jennifer Lopez working on a moment for the film. They are shooting in Pasadena, CA. We've always heard such great things from those who have been around Alex. Check out how friendly and nice he is to the guy touching up Jennifer's hair around the 2:25 mark on the clip.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Video ~ Alex O'Loughlin leaving the set of his new movie

This video shows Alex O'Loughlin and his co-star Jennifer Lopez (along with her husband, Marc Anthony) leaving the set of their new film, The Back Up Plan. Just a brief glimpse of our guy, but enough to see that he looks very hot :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Will Three Rivers be on the CBS Fall television schedule?

A week from today! CBS Network will hold its upfront presentation on Wednesday, May 20th, 2009. That is when we should find out if Alex O'Loughlin's new television series ~ Three Rivers ~ will be picked up for the Fall schedule. *fingers crossed*

Nikki Finke @ Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting "I also hear that MIAMI TRAUMA and THREE RIVERS are still in skintight competition at CBS for the medical show Les Moonves wants." And.......

MIAMI TRAUMA (Warner Bros/CBS-Paramount) is Jerry Bruckheimer's medical show, and I'm told Les wants a medical show. But this may not be the one because sources say it was a "soft screening" and is in competition with Three Rivers.

THREE RIVERS (CBS-Paramount/Deuce Three) is looking likely to be the medical drama Les wants (and wants more than rival Miami Trauma). CBS liked what they saw. And the network loves star Alex O'Loughlin. Not only might he bring his small but rabid Moonlight fanbase, but he recently starred in a Criminal Minds sweeps episode. And I hear CBS Films just put him in the feature film Plan B opposite Jennifer Lopez. Insiders are betting this show with a 24 splitscreen feel will go.

Alex O'Loughlin talks with Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly's Pop Watch Blog has a fun interview with Alex O'Loughlin. I especially giggled at the discussion of possible sensual moments in his new show, Three Rivers.... "I told them I'm happy to do whatever sex scenes they want. Either with actors or by myself." Alex has such a wonderful sense of humor.

Alex O'Loughlin: Catching up with the 'Moonlight' star on his 'Criminal Minds' guest spot and more!
EW ~ PopWatch Blog ~ by Mandi Bierly

We know. You're not used to seeing Moonlight's Alex O'Loughlin looking like a serial killer with OCD. (You prefer to remember him the way we do: either holding a "Hi Slezak!" sign at 2008's New York Comic Con or shirtless.) But it's only for a role. O'Loughlin guest stars on tonight's episode of Criminal Minds (CBS, 9 p.m. ET) as what fans of the series know as the Unsub, or unidentified subject. He plays a man who sends a video of one of his murders to the BAU team, hoping that they'll be able to end the bloody spree that he himself cannot stop. We phoned O'Loughlin for a quick chat about the part, his CBS drama pilot Three Rivers, and the romantic comedy he begins shooting next month with Jennifer Lopez, The Back-Up Plan.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY : We can't actually go further into your character on Criminal Minds without giving the twist away, but tell us how the part came to you.

ALEX O'LOUGHLIN : The genius writer and friend of mine Simon Mirren [one of the show's co-executive producers] offered it to me. I'm eating an apple while we talk. Is that okay?

EW : That is fine, yes.

Alex O'Loughlin : Thank you. I read it and was like, "Absolutely." It's not often that I get to play character roles. You kinda leave drama school and you head off into a direction and that's the direction you take. You're either on the character actor route or the leading man route. It was a delight for me to play a role like this.

EW : You are the leading man in the CBS pilot Three Rivers. [We'll know May 20, when CBS announces its fall schedule, if it gets picked up for next season.]

Alex O'Loughlin : I play a cardiothoracic surgeon called Andy Yablonski, who's based on a real-life surgeon called "Gonzo" Gonzales-Stawinski who's become a wonderful friend of mine. He's a cardiothoracic surgeon up at the Cleveland Heart Clinic, which I spent a bunch of time at in my preparation for the role. It's a fantastic script that's really grownup and smart and important. It tells the story of organ transplants from three perspectives: The organ, the recipient, and -- the organ? [Laughs] It tells it from the organ's perspective. From the recipient, the donor, and the surgical team.

EW : I read that Andy is separated from his wife and lives in a motel near the hospital. Is that right?

Alex O'Loughlin : Yeah, connected next to the hospital, actually. So he can live his job even more than he usually does.

EW : The word motel always sounds kinda seedy to me, so I thought maybe we'd get to see him taking advantage of that proximity. But if he's a workaholic.... Are we not gonna see sex scenes is basically what I'm asking you.

Alex O'Loughlin : Ohmygod. No, I told them I'm happy to do whatever sex scenes they want. Either with actors or by myself. So they're getting back to me on that. That may or may not be a reason why they pick up the show. "He's obsessed with sex. No, we're not gonna pick the show up. Moonlight f---ed with him. He's kinda all weird now."

EW : You have a holding deal with CBS, so I'm assuming you had a few pilots to choose from. Why this one?

Alex O'Loughlin : It's a well-written piece that I foresee a longevity with that I didn't with the other pilots that I read. I see three years ahead, you know what I mean? I see the fifth season. I see where the characters are going to go, the potential. I loved the character. I've sat in on five open-heart surgeries now. I realized how important a story like this was before I did that stuff, but the deeper I've gone into it, the more mesmerized I am.

EW : And what's Andy's personality like?

Alex O'Loughlin : He's a bit cheeky, too. He's like a lovable scallywag.

EW : You're about to start filming the movie The Back-Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez. Tell us about that one.

Alex O'Loughlin : It's a movie about a girl who is heading toward her 40th birthday, she hasn't met The One, she really wants a baby, and so she goes and gets artificially inseminated. Right after she does this, she bumps into this guy called Stan. I play Stan. She falls in love with him. He falls in love with her. She tells him about the pregnancy after they've fallen in love and he flips out. Then it's about him coming to terms with the fact that if he loves her, he loves all of her, and working out how he's gonna deal with it. It's very funny. It's very moving. It's a terrific little film.

EW : You've met Jennifer already, obviously. How's the chemistry?

Alex O'Loughlin : The chemistry is fine. I think we're gonna be pals. You know when you sit in a room with someone and you kinda can't talk to them, or you sit in a room and you're easy with someone -- we're easy together. So I think it's gonna work. I think we're gonna be really good onscreen together. Her husband is wonderful. I met Marc and the kids, and they're great. They're a really lovely unit.

EW : You also costar in the thriller Whiteout coming out this fall. [Kate Beckinsale plays a U.S. Marshal in Antarctica in the graphic novel adaptation.]

Alex O'Loughlin : I can't remember how many years ago I shot that. I can't remember what I did in it. [Laughs] No, that's not true. I'm looking forward to seeing that. They've been cutting it for so long. That's Kate's film though. Essentially, I play the villain in that as well. A rogue-ish, rugged, Australian pilot who's a bit of a smartass. It's like Wow, what a stretch.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alex O'Loughlin apologizes for missing BBM Convention

Alex O'Loughlin has written another sweet message for us fans. Always the gentleman, he takes the opportunity to apologize to fans who had hoped to see him at the Breakout Before Moonlight/Star Fury convention (Heathrow, London England). However, don't forget that our marvelous Jason Dohring ~ aka Josef ~ is still scheduled to be there at the moment.

May '09

Hey everybody!

Thought I would drop you all a quick line and let you know that things are going really well.

I finished Three Rivers and landed the role in Jennifer Lopez' new film The Back Up Plan, which I have been madly working on preparing since I got back from Pittsburgh.

It is very exciting news about this film, and I think it will be a really good thing for me but it does mean I am going to have to miss out on other things. One of these being the Star Fury event in London which I was looking forward to very much.

I really wanted to reach out to anyone who was going to come and say hello to me there.

I know that when you buy your tickets they tell you we (the actors) may not be there if we get a job, but I'm sorry all the same. I wanted to be there too but this film I could not pass up. I hope you guys understand.

Also, thank you so much to all the people who tuned into my Criminal Minds episode the other night. It was a fun show to be a part of.

All my love to you all.
Alex O'Loughlin

Photograph ~ Alex O'Loughlin's TV Guide photo shoot by Rodolfo Martinez