Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TV Guide ~ Will Alex O'Loughlin return to The Shield?

Before Alex O'Loughlin became Mick St John on Moonlight, he was Detective Kevin Hiatt on the television show The Shield. A reader wrote to TV Guide to ask if he will reprise that role since CBS failed to renew Moonlight. Several of you have recently asked me the same question.

Today's News: Our Take

Question :

Since the Network Idiots canceled Moonlight, will the yummy Alex O'Loughlin be back on The Shield? — Rebecca

Answer :

Mickey: The scoop on the final season of The Shield is locked up tighter than the canceled Moonlight's soundstages (ouch), but I have confirmed that O'Loughlin will not reappear. At the fall previews, however, Shield creator Shawn Ryan said that other familiar faces might. So keep your eyes peeled!

Photo ~ Captain Claudette Wyms ( CCH Pounder ) and Detective Kevin Hiatt ( Alex O'Loughlin ) in a scene from The Shield.

Moonlight wins Axed Before Its Time category in awards

In the 2008 awards, Moonlight won first place in the Axed Before Its Time category. Great job everyone! You made sure our show won :) Journeyman placed second. Las Vegas took third. New Amsterdam was in the fourth & final spot.

Unfortunately, Sophia Myles did not win the Best Fake American Accent award. She came in 2nd place to the winner Battlestar Galactica's Jamie St. John Bamber Griffith. House's Hugh Laurie is 3rd. Ed Westwick, from Gossip Girl, is 4th.

I decided to use one of my fave photos with this post. The gang posed for it when they attended the Moonlight event at the Paley Center. Click on the image above for a larger version of the picture.

Photograph ~ Jason Dohring ( Josef Kostan ), Alex O'Loughlin ( Mick St John ), Sophia Myles ( Beth Turner ) and Brian J White ( LT Carl Davis ) at the Paley Center for Media attending the Moonlight tv show panel in Los Angeles ( April 22nd, 2008 ).

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Voting for Moonlight & Sophia Myles in Awards

I'm reposting this info because the voting for's competition is coming to an end. The results will be revealed tomorrow (Wednesday, July 30th). Remember, you can vote as many times as you like. Let's finish strong for Moonlight!

The 2008 awards have two categories that need our attention.

Moonlight is included in the Axed Before Its Time category.

Sophia Myles is competing in the Best Fake American Accent category as our Beth Turner.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Moonlight Season One DVD alert for USA & release date for Europe

Moonlight fans are anxiously awaiting the great day when our show is released on DVD. So far, sources have said they expect it to come out in September for region 1 (USA). Can't wait! Amazon has a cool service that will notify you as soon as the Moonlight Season One DVD is available. I already signed up for my alert :) Here's a link, in case you wanna do the same........

Moonlight DVD Alert

As I have discussed with you previously, it is very important for the DVD sales to be huge! Not only to show, yet again, how much Moonlight means to its fans. This is also a way of letting the studio, producers, etc know that there is money to be made with it. They kinda like that. *grin* Big DVD sales & a continuing active fan base have helped lots of canceled tv programs to gain a movie or a return to television.... for example ~ Star Trek, Firefly, Family Guy, X-Files, Sex and the City. You get the idea :)

For our international friends ~ We have an actual release date for the European market (region 2)! Moonlight's DVD is set to be out on November 17th, 2008 according to UK.

Usually, the sets are released in the US before coming out for the overseas' market. The November release date for Europe gives credence to the possibility of the Moonlight Season 1 DVD going on sale here in the next couple of months. YEA!

Image ~ Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ) in Moonlight series promo photograph

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Videos ~ Behind the scenes interview with Alex O'Loughlin & Jason Dohring

Alex O'Loughlin & Jason Dohring interview ~ Behind the scenes ~ Part 1

Alex O'Loughlin & Jason Dohring interview ~ Behind the scenes ~ Part 2

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

We've all seen different clips of this interview with Alex O'Loughlin and Jason Dohring on the studio lot. Thanks to Moonlitmuse, in these videos you will see the extended version of the chat. Behind the scenes of Moonlight AND behind the scenes of the interview shoot too. The action is stopped at the beginning to allow for the camera to move in front of Jason and the hostess. A producer can be heard through-out feeding questions to the chick interviewing our boys. Alex asks the question I had too........ why doesn't the producer just ask the questions & ditch the hostess?!? Leave it to him to come out & ask. He is so candid and funny.

Alex & Jason are good natured and have an easy going rapport. It is obvious that they feel comfortable with each other. Love the banter! Alex did this interview with only about 2 hours of sleep. I don't know about you, but I would have been tired and cranky. *grin*

Our boys look soooooooo handsome! And... we get to enjoy Alex's delicious Australian accent :)

I grinned my way through this interview. Since they are such good looking guys, the hostess asks Jason & Alex how they keep the women away, Alex replies "Jason touches me like this." I almost fell over laughing at that!

There is lots of talk about Alex being on the Moonlight billboards. Jason says he had Alex take a photo of himself naked in front of the one on Sunset Blvd. "It's really artistic." Uh.... how do I get that photo? hehehehe....

"I don't touch everyone's testicles."

Jason & Alex answer how they differ in real life from their characters Josef Kostan & Mick St John.

We "learnt" that badass is one of Alex's favorite sayings. Leave it to us Americans to come up with fun ways to cuss & express ourselves.

Jason did a fab job when he took over and questioned Alex. "How disappointed were you when you saw that I wasn't on the billboard?"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Appointments being accepted for San Diego Blood Drive

Remember....... Our own Trevor Munson ( writer extraordinaire & co-creator of Moonlight ) is hosting the San Diego Blood Drive this weekend! Have you made your donation appointment yet? It's easy to do. Simply go to and enter Moonlight as the sponsor.

Show everyone that Moonlight fans continue to be committed to our show AND to helping others through important charity work. Those of us who are unable to attend can still contribute to the cause by donating $$$.

Trevor will be there each day to talk with you and sign autographs. YEA! He is such a super cool guy :)

Alex O'Loughlin and Moonlight Blood Drive present
San Diego Blood Drive
Hosted by Trevor Munson
Friday & Saturday ~ July 25th & 26th, 2008
11:00 am to 4:30 pm
The W Hotel San Diego
1st floor ~ 421 West B Street
San Diego, CA
Donors will also receive American Red Cross t-shirts

Diane created this wonderful banner for the event. Please, post it on your MySpace page, website, Facebook, etc to spread the word!

XO ~

Official Press Release........

Alex O’Loughlin / Moonlight Blood Drive

Fans of the recently cancelled CBS vampire detective television series Moonlight have organized the Alex O’Loughlin / Moonlight Blood Drive to be held in San Diego, California on Friday and Saturday, 7/24-7/25/08. It will be hosted by Trevor Munson, co-creator of the series.

The freshman series amassed a huge fan base and a cult-like following, as evidenced by winning the “Favorite New TV Drama” on The Peoples Choice Awards.

The Alex O’Loughlin / Moonlight Blood Drive will be held at the W Hotel San Diego, 421 West B Street from 11:00 AM-4:30 PM Friday and Saturday. Trevor Munson will be available both days during these hours to sign autographs and chat about Moonlight and upcoming projects.

Trevor Munson is very proud to be hosting the blood drive. In his words: “When I was writing the novel that Moonlight was based on, I hoped to connect with those who read it one day in the way one does when creating a work of fiction. I hoped it would entertain and perhaps even inspire people in positive ways in their own lives. Eventually that novel evolved into a television show, and it was wonderful to see that eight million people a week tuned in because they liked the premise, enjoyed the stories, and cared about the characters. But nothing could have prepared me for the way that Moonlight fans took their love for the show and carried it out into the world in real and meaningful ways. Because of them, people across America and the globe, have linked themselves to blood centers and orchestrated blood donation efforts on behalf of the show they came to love … It is humbling and wonderful to have been a part of creating something that has served as a catalyst for so much good. I thank you all, and would like to take this opportunity to invite others (fans of the show or not) to come and join us in the spirit of the goodwill and giving at these events.”

Alex O’Loughlin is a dedicated supporter of the blood drive efforts. To support Alex and Moonlight, make an appointment at and use the password Moonlight. This will take the donor straight to the events calendar where he/she can make an appointment for a time between 11:00 AM and 4:30 PM each day. Donors with an appointment will be given preference over walk-ins. Come out, save a life, and see Trevor Munson! The W Hotel San Diego is only 8 short miles from the Comic Con Convention, which is being held the same weekend.

The Alex O’Loughlin / Moonlight Blood Drive is being sponsored by, which is the place for fans of TV programs to join campaigns for their favorite shows, including “save our show” campaigns. The American Red Cross states that every two seconds someone needs blood, but only a small percentage of those who are eligible actually donate. Donating blood is a great way to make a difference in your community. Please go to to find the nearest Red Cross Blood Service Region.

Fans who need information and do not have an internet connection can call 800-335-4852 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Pacific Time daily. To respond to this press release call or e-mail Barbara Arnold at

The only three sites exclusively affiliated with the Alex O’Loughlin / Moonlight Blood Drive are, and For additional information, please contact the representatives listed on the three sites.

Watch Alex O'Loughlin's film, Oyster Farmer, on television tonight

Programming note ~ Alex O'Loughlin's movie, Oyster Farmer, will air tonight on the Sundance Channel. Billed as Alex O'Lachlan, this is his first film role... and he is fantastic!

Oyster Farmer
Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008
6:00 pm Central Time
7:00 pm Eastern Time
Sundance Channel

Photo ~ Jack Flange ( Alex O'Loughlin ) from dock scene in Oyster Farmer

Click on the picture above for a larger version of the image.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nina Tassler comments on canceling Moonlight

Hello all.... On Friday, I read comments Nina Tassler made regarding Moonlight. This was reported by several sources who attended the 2008 Television Critics Association Press Tour. I've posted three examples below. After reading what Tassler had to say, I had many thoughts streaming thru my head (I know you will also). I wanted to at least attempt to get those thoughts in order before posting this for you.

As you know, when I started my Moonlight blog I shared with you that I was already writing, emailing and calling CBS in support of our show. I was very aware of the fact that Moonlight was not the "normal" series and needed its fans to be heard. I asked you all to do that same. You joined the campaign with such wonderful enthusiasm. :) We continued communicating with the network right through the cancelation of Moonlight.

I can not begin to count the number of emails and comments I received from Moonlight fans who were contacting CBS. Lots of you even posted the messages you sent to them for all of us to read on the blog. The notes got our point across but were dignified, polite and gracious... even after we learned that our show had been canceled. Just like the messages we have seen and heard from Trevor Munson, Alex O'Loughlin, Jason Dohring, etc.

One thing Nina Tassler says is that the fan response to Moonlight is "actor-centric." We all know she is referring to Alex O'Loughlin. Of course, Alex is a huge draw! DUH! Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a good thing? Don't you hire a leading man to do precisely that?

I was an Alex fan long before Moonlight. However, that is not the only reason that I am addicted. The vast majority of the messages I sent to CBS were about how fantastic the show is... the writers... the entire cast. You also shared with us that you did the same. We all know that MickBeth was the topic of innumerable letters, voicemails, emails and such.

Even if we were tuning in just to see Alex as Mick St John, since when is that a problem? Most television executives don't care WHY you are watching their show. They only care that your eyeballs are on their network and not some place else. It's about ratings leading to ad revenue.

In my opinion, the comments are simply an attempt at damage control. TPTB do not like to admit that they are wrong. I know you are shocked by that ~ *wink*

I'm happy to see that the entertainment reporters are still asking about Moonlight. Most canceled shows do not receive this kind of sustained attention in the media. That is because you have been doing an amazing job of keeping our show alive!

Sorry about the long winded post. I'm stopping myself now! I took the extra time to organize my thoughts so that I wouldn't ramble on. That didn't quite work out :)

XO ~

Tube Talk ~
Excerpts from TCA press tour: CBS party, only for the hardy
By Gail Pennington

The point of these events is to give visiting TV critics a chance to mingle with and interview actors, producers and network executives; people you either haven’t seen during the formal press conferences during the day or haven’t had a chance to talk to. The point isn’t really to have fun, although some of the parties can be fun.

...CBS partnered with the CW and Showtime and went all out, busing us to the club Boulevard3 in Hollywood...

...I again tried to get into the club and this time succeeded. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, in a strapless dress, was just outside the door; her publicist was rotating interviewers through on a 90-second time limit. Uh … no. Somebody handed me a glass of champagne (good) and a cone of french fries with rosemary mayonnaise (very good), but it was hard to walk without spilling on myself. After the crowd outside, the club was almost empty. That gave me a chance to talk to Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment, who told me the “Moonlight” supporters had sent her red wine, and that she actually tried a bottle, but it was terrible. Although she had to cancel “Moonlight,” she said, she wouldn’t rule out another project for its star, Alex O’Loughlin.

iF Magazine
Television : Breaking News : THE FINAL WORD ON 'MOONLIGHT' FROM CBS
By Carl Cortez

The stake in the heart of the show has been there for some time, but at least we now know why it was cancelled

LOCATION: The underworld

THE SKINNY: While MOONLIGHT has faded into the darkness, it was still important to check in with CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler at today’s TCA press tour about any final words on the series which starred Alex O’Laughlin as vamp Mick St. John.

“Everybody knows I love vampires, witches, werewolves, warlocks – I love them all,” says Tassler. “The response to MOONLIGHT was actually more actor-centric. So I think it certainly measures our decision on the show. Like I said, I don’t question the choice we made. I’m not getting as much mail and most of those comments were actor-centric.

So does that mean CBS would hire O’Loughlin in a heartbeat?

“Sure,” says Tassler. “We’d love to.”

Entertainment Weekly ~ The Ausiello Files
by Michael Ausiello
Live Press Tour : CBS Day One

Executive Session
The Player: Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment. Or as she's more commonly referred, the evil woman who killed Moonlight.

9:30 am: Cover your eyes, Moonlight fans. Tassler downplays the fan outcry in the wake of the show's cancellation, maintaining that most of the feedback was "actor-centric." (Huh?) She also says she's not getting a lot of mail and doesn't regret the decision.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Official CBS Moonlight website still available.... for now

I have received several messages from angry fans saying that CBS had taken down Moonlight's official website and message board. Our show's site, photos, wallpapers & forum threads are still there! As I noted in a previous post, videos & clips are no longer available. Now, they removed Moonlight from their list of tv programs in the drop-down selection menu. However, you can get to the page & board by using this direct address......

Never underestimate how protective Moonlight fans are of our show!

Photo ~ Beth Turner ( Sophia Myles ) & Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ) in Moonlight's Sleeping Beauty episode ( #1x10 ). My favorite!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fan asks about Alex O'Loughlin's next move

TV Guide's Mickey O'Connor fielded a question today about our lovely Alex O'Loughlin and his future projects. Top secret offers, huh?

Mickey refers back to a post you may remember where he suggested Alex would be perfect for the tv show, Lost. Since it is mentioned in his answer today, I'll repost the old info for those who missed it.

Great question, Debbie! We need to keep Moonlight and its incredible cast in the minds of entertainment reporters, critics and such. It is very important.

Today's News : Our Take

Is Moonlight's Alex O'Loughlin going to do anything that will continue to showcase acting magnificence? — Debbie

Mickey: Last I heard from Benedict XVI, the canonization process is well under way, but until St. Alex makes his official Vatican debut, he is weighing offers, as they say. Top-secret offers. That I can't talk about yet. But I can say that my idea for AO'L's next move probably isn't going to happen.

Here is Mickey's idea for Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring & Alex O'Loughlin's next projects.....

Not to beat a dead vampire, but despite all the last-ditch efforts — by the CW, TNT, DirecTV — Moonlight is actually dead, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Their source says the sets have been dismantled, and the show's soundstage will soon be occupied by Simon Baker's new drama The Mentalist.

Although I wasn't a regular viewer of Moonlight, I am sad for its passing, since it's nice when a show generates such a devoted fan base. Let's all look toward the future though. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, star of the recently canceled New Amsterdam, has already landed a new pilot at Fox. Where will you like to see Moonlight stars Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles and Jason Dohring show up next?

A Dohring-Kristen Bell reunion on Heroes seems inevitable. Myles might make a dangerous addition to Mad Men's stable of lethal beauties. And call me crazy, but when I see O'Loughlin, I immediately think: "Widmore henchman" on Lost. Got any other ideas? — Mickey O'Connor

Video ~ Mick St John's Interview with a Vampire scene in German

What are our fellow Moonlight fans in Germany seeing & hearing? As I mentioned previously, they do not get to hear Alex O'Loughlin's deliciously deep, manly voice. This video shows Mick St John's famous "Interview with a Vampire" scene. It's dubbed in German. What do ya think?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Critics continue to question CBS canceling Moonlight

TV critics and reviewers still can't believe that CBS made the choice to cancel Moonlight. Marisa Guthrie, from Broadcasting & Cable website, talked to several television critics about the lineup announcements of all the networks. I'll only share their opinions of CBS. The yellow highlighted text is my emphasis.

If Critics Ran the Networks: A Multiplatform Roundtable

Five top thinkers tell us how they'd fix what's broken about broadcast TV.
By Marisa Guthrie

TV critics have it easy. They get to voice their strongly held opinions about what networks choose to fill their airwaves. So we decided to offer five of the industry's top critics (listed below) a keener challenge: Tell us what each of the broadcast networks is doing right, and what you would do to fix what they're doing wrong.

The timing for this lively roundtable couldn't be better. We've seen a development season plagued by a writers' strike, digital uncertainty and a recession. And with few pilots to view in advance of this week's broadcast portion of the Television Critics Association confab on the West Coast, the fall 2008 season may be the best-kept industry secret since the merger of UPN and The WB. There's plenty to talk about.

The B&C Critics Roundtable:

Aaron Barnhart, The Kansas City Star
Robert Bianco, USA Today
David Bianculli, B&C and
Matt Roush, TV Guide
Maureen Ryan, Chicago Tribune

CBS: You Have the Right to Remain Violent

GUTHRIE: CBS has aging police procedurals and they need new ones. The Mentalist with Simon Baker, could that fill the bill? They also famously tried to be daring and different last season.

BIANCO: That's like the wedding band that plays “Proud Mary” for the young people.

GUTHRIE: But why didn't it work?

RYAN: Because they didn't commit to it. I think the one show where you could argue that they did make a passionate or at least a realistic or reasonable commitment to doing something different was Swingtown, which is now, as we all know, out in the middle of the summer.

We all watched that pilot for Viva Laughlin; that was a BBC [British Broadcasting Corp.] series and it was sensational and it had a really terrific cast, but you had to fully commit to it.

Imagine Ugly Betty if it weren't Ugly Betty but a knockoff of Suddenly Susan. No, you had to really commit to that particular concept and get a show runner who was really gonna go for it. Because Lost, Ugly Betty, sometimes with a particular show you have to embrace one sensibility, one creative vision and go for it.

BARNHART: I think it's fascinating that CBS would take a show like Moonlight and remove it from its schedule and then put a show like The Mentalist on, which is essentially a bunch of CBS executives sitting around saying, OK, which of our bankable stars have we not plugged into a forensic detective drama yet? Oh, Simon Baker.

And so what we have is The Guardian airlifted into a police procedural. Until CBS really starts to tank with this approach, I think that their conservative programming strategy is probably not such a bad thing.

ROUSH: With CBS, again it's a thing about execution. It wasn't just that weird shows didn't work last year, because Pushing Daisies was at least a creative triumph. But at CBS, when they tried to go off the charts, they just didn't, like Mo [Ryan] said, commit to them, or they just didn't execute.

And this time they've gone back to their strengths. I think that their Monday-night comedy is strong. The Mentalist, kind of a thin concept, but Simon Baker brings a lot of charm to what he's doing and it really fits into their mode. And we haven't seen the full pilot of The Eleventh Hour yet, which is this new trend of creepy procedurals with a little bit of a science-fiction aspect to them.

But that might work for CBS because it's within the procedural format. So they're playing it safe, but I think playing it safe after last year is probably the right way to go.

BIANCO: I have to say if I'm forced to choose, I'd rather go with ordinary competence than extraordinary incompetence. I'd rather have The Mentalist than Viva Laughlin, as much fun as it was to make fun of Viva Laughlin.

And I thought CBS' slate this year was surprisingly strong. I don't know that The Mentalist will make anybody's best list, but I think in that time slot it will be a solid contender, just an ordinary, entertaining TV show.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Video ~ Moonlight television ad from Israel

On June 25th, Moonlight premiered on television in Israel. Another country to fall in love with Mick St John, Beth Turner, Josef Kostan & Coraline Duvall. ;> This video shows the tv promo commercial that the AXN channel aired for our show. Thank you to Alexfromisreal for posting the clip for our viewing pleasure.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fan Video dedicated to Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St John

I have posted this video previously, but it deserves to get the spotlight again! Still one of my faves.... DarkFrog created this showcase to answer the question of why so many of us are addicted to Moonlight. All you have to do is see these sexy scenes from our show to know the answer is Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St John! Yummy!

She picked very appropriate music to act as the soundtrack for this clip ~ Song : I Just Wanna Make Love to You by Etta James ;>

Daemon's TV writer not impressed by preview of The Ex-List

Sandie, from Daemon's TV, has written an article about the incredibly lame show (The Ex-List) that CBS is planning to air in place of the canceled Moonlight. In the piece, she says basically the same thing we did upon seeing a preview video of the usurper.

What were they thinking?!?!? As I ranted in a previous blog post... CBS executives stated they want to attract more female viewers. However, they axe Moonlight & Mick St John/Alex O'Loughlin in favor of this rubbish. URGH!

First Look: CBS’ THE EX-LIST
By Sandie

Now that we have learned a little more about CBS’ new primetime schedule, it’s time to take a closer look at all of their new shows, next up THE EX-LIST.

So this is what they are replacing Moonlight with…well I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t look even half as good as Moonlight. Then again, it’s a totally different genre, which begs the question why would they put it after Ghost Whisperer?

I’m not sure if I am convinced yet, I would really need to take a look at the full pilot to make a decision, but let’s just say it’s going to have to be REALLY good for me to get over the fact that it replaced Moonlight (which we all know I loved).

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Message of thanks to fans from Alex O'Loughlin

Alex has written a gracious note to his fans. He is clearly touched by all the messages he has received from you! Can you imagine how much mail he receives? I think it is sweet of him to apologize for not being able to respond to everyone quickly.

I have been a fan of Alex's work for years, so he has no worries here :) I support him in all his projects!

Dear Family, Friends and wonderful fans.

I have recently been going through a lot of mail from you guys and I wanted to take this opportunity to say a few things.

First, I would like to preface by apologizing for any late replies to mail I have been sent. I try to get to it all asap but sometimes it goes through a number of different channels before I even see it and time can slip away.

But the main reason for me writing is that I have found myself totally overwhelmed at the amount of support you have all been giving me in this time.

Its true, to have something you put your heart into taken away can be difficult, painful and sometimes confusing. In this instance all of the above. But never do you expect to receive anything like the amount of cards, letters and notes of appreciation and love that I have recently. It has been awesome!

Thank you all so very much.

Only too well do I understand the attachment so many of you had to Moonlight and to Mick, Beth, Josef and the gang but now that they have been laid to rest I can only hope you will all follow me into my next exciting adventure, whatever that may be.

We all fought so hard.
We all worked so hard.
I guess some things are simply out of our hands.

I look forward with great anticipation to giving you all the news of the next chapter in this crazy career of mine!! And again, thanks for all the wonderful support.

Warmest regards

Alex O'loughlin. x o x

Photo ~ Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ) on the boardwalk in Moonlight's Fated to Pretend episode ( #1x13 )

Viewers refuse to delete Moonlight from their DVR/TiVo

You did it! Recently, I posted TV Guide's call for readers to let them know which television programs you recorded to watch over & over again. They have released the results. Thanks to all the wonderful fan comments, Moonlight is on the list of shows viewers refuse to delete! *cheer* Users' DVR Keepsakes

The sacred (and shameless) shows our readers can’t delete

"Moonlight, the entire season. Mick St. John was a wonderfully complex character and Beth was strong and gutsy. There were so many places the series could have gone. I loved every minute of it and refuse to let it go." (12000day)

Photo ~ Mick St John ( Alex O'Loughlin ) wounded and drinking blood in Moonlight's Out of The Past episode ( #1x02 )

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Share your opinion of Moonlight & its cool cast on Hey! Nielsen

Please, keep up your great work of maintaining Moonlight & its stars at the top of Hey! Nielsen's ranking chart. Not only does it demonstrate that cancelation hasn't diminished the love & support for our show, it is also fun to share your opinions with the world! Moonlight fans have kept it at #1 for months. That is something to be very proud of... and to continue :)

Express how you feel about Moonlight and our marvelous cast ~ Alex O'Loughlin, Jason Dohring, Shannyn Sossamon, Sophia Myles, David Blue, Brian J White, Claudia Black, Eric Winter, Jacob Vargas, Jordan Belfi.

For those who don't know, Hey! Nielsen is a social networking/opinion forum created by the Nielsen Ratings Company. According to their press material... "It's an outlet for people who want to express their views on television, and want to come to Nielsen to have some influence," said Karen Watson, senior VP of communications and exec in charge of the service. "Joining the network will be a way to let the entertainment industry know what you think."

Saturday, July 5, 2008

New Alex O'Loughlin Photo Wallpaper ~ Mick St John from Moonlight's Click Episode #1x14

Here is a new Alex O'Loughlin photo wallpaper..... Mick St John from Moonlight's Click episode (#1x14). Happy birthday to me! *smile* Thanks Tommmmmy!

Click on the image above for a bigger version of the picture to use as your computer desktop background.

Video ~ Alex O'Loughlin radio interview with Daybreak USA

Glorann37620 has created this great video to go along with an interview Alex O'Loughlin did with Daybreak USA back in May. They talked to him on the day that Click (episode #1x14) was to air. Interesting little tid bits, like ~ In the Moonlight scene of Mick asking Josef to re-turn him (Fated to Pretend episode #1x13), one of the lines that really became a fan favorite was "He has my Beth." Alex reveals that he improved that bit of dialogue! He says in this interview, " 'My Beth' just came out of me being in the moment in the scene... In Mick there for the moment... I don't even remember it happening... When we were shooting, I was just thinking about how much I love this woman." Showing yet again how he brought Mick to life for us :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

I want to wish you all a wonderful, SAFE July 4th weekend! After having my own not so fun fireworks show at home, I'm looking forward to the real thing tonight ;>

This photo is of the spectacular display on the mighty Mississippi River with the skyline of historic New Orleans as a backdrop.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vote for Shannyn Sossamon & Alex's movie August Rush in Teen Choice Awards

Shannyn Sossamon has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award! You can vote for her in the Choice Movie Actress : Horror/Thriller category for her role in the movie One Missed Call. Also, Alex O'Loughlin's film, August Rush, is included in the Choice Movie : Drama category.

It is the Teen Choice Awards, so you won't be surprised to hear that you must be 13 to 19 years of age in order to vote. :) The poll is open until August 1st, 2008. Voting is allowed once daily.

Teen Choice 2008 Show
Hosted by Miley Cyrus
Monday, August 4th
7:00 pm Central
8:00 pm Eastern
Fox Channel

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fun at my house

I had quite the adventure..... Minding my own business. Slowly but surely reading and answering more of your wonderful email messages. Suddenly, I hear pop, zap, crackle, zap, sizzle, pop. The lights dim, come back up, dim. I immediately turn off the computer. Run to the backdoor. Crackle, pop, sizzle, zzzzzt. Sparks are shooting and cascading in such volume that I can't even open the door. Then ~ POW! and the whole house goes black. No electricity. When the shower of sparks finally stops, I take a look around outside. The heavy duty electrical line from the pole is burned black and smoking. Just my house. I call the electric company and wait.... and wait.... and wait. You can imagine how much fun that was in the heat. They had to bring in a gigantic truck equipped with a crane/bucket thingie. I think that is the technical name for it. *grin* Finally, the power was restored!

Not a very nice pre-birthday gift. Have I been a bad girl?!?!? Maybe I'm being punished for things I did in a past life, cuz you know that I've been a complete angel in this one. *wink*

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

San Diego blood drive hosted by Trevor Munson ~ July 25th & 26th

Speaking of blood drives....... I know a lot of you are riled up about going to the annual San Diego Comic Con 2008 (July 24th to 27th). Moonlight was introduced at last year's convention so it will always be special to Moonlight fans! I remember seeing videos & photos of our cast and falling even more for the show.

This year, an Alex O'Loughlin/Moonlight blood drive is planned to coincide with the convention. It will be held at the W Hotel because the con has a long standing, wonderful drive of its own. Can you imagine how many lives are going to be saved by the combined efforts of these events?!? Too exciting!

If this news hasn't already gotten you charged up.... The event is going to be hosted by our own Trevor Munson! YEA! Check out the adorable photo of him in the banner. For new international Moonlight fans who may not know that name, he is the co-creator & co-executive producer of our show. Without him, we would not have Mick St John. Trevor is such a gifted writer, as well as an unpretentious & funny man. I have no doubts that you will make him... and all of us... proud :)

Here is the lowdown ~

Alex O'Loughlin and Moonlight Blood Drive present
San Diego Blood Drive
Hosted by Trevor Munson
July 25th & 26th, 2008
11:00 am to 4:30 pm
The W Hotel San Diego
1st floor
421 West B Street
San Diego, CA

To donate blood, go to then enter Moonlight as the sponsor.