Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fun at my house

I had quite the adventure..... Minding my own business. Slowly but surely reading and answering more of your wonderful email messages. Suddenly, I hear pop, zap, crackle, zap, sizzle, pop. The lights dim, come back up, dim. I immediately turn off the computer. Run to the backdoor. Crackle, pop, sizzle, zzzzzt. Sparks are shooting and cascading in such volume that I can't even open the door. Then ~ POW! and the whole house goes black. No electricity. When the shower of sparks finally stops, I take a look around outside. The heavy duty electrical line from the pole is burned black and smoking. Just my house. I call the electric company and wait.... and wait.... and wait. You can imagine how much fun that was in the heat. They had to bring in a gigantic truck equipped with a crane/bucket thingie. I think that is the technical name for it. *grin* Finally, the power was restored!

Not a very nice pre-birthday gift. Have I been a bad girl?!?!? Maybe I'm being punished for things I did in a past life, cuz you know that I've been a complete angel in this one. *wink*

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