Thursday, March 26, 2009

A note to his fans from Alex O'Loughlin

Alex has sent this message to update his fans on what's been happening with him lately :)

Hello from Pittsburgh

Hi everybody.

So I know you have all been anxious to know exactly what I'm up to, and I'm sorry it's taken me a minute to get back to you but things are now clear.

As some of you know I did a little guest role on Criminal Minds which was a lot of fun. I got to work with some great friends and terrific people and I had a really good experience. The episode is called The Big Wheel. I hope you enjoy it.

I am currently in Pittsburgh filming a new pilot for CBS called Three Rivers. It is about as different from Moonlight as anything could possibly be (laughing right now) but that being said I sure hope all you "die hard" vampire fans come with me on this journey!

Three Rivers is a wonderful story about donors, recipients and surgeons in the world of transplant surgery and of how all these people's lives are affected on a daily basis by the miracles and devastations involved in surgery today.

As I'm sure you can appreciate I have been totally consumed with my research and preparation for this role, and along the way I have discovered a secret passion within myself for cardio thoracic surgery! Who knew?!! ;) It is very interesting, very important and I believe this story we are about to embark on will be something you will very much enjoy being a part of.

I hope you are all healthy and well and until we speak again...wish me luck!!

All my love,
Alex O'Loughlin

Photograph ~ Alex O'Loughlin chatting with the audience during the Moonlight TV Show panel at the San Diego Comic Con

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