Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Question : "Do you think CBS regrets the decision to cancel Moonlight after only ONE season?"

Matt Roush gives his opinion on the question Moonlight fans have been wrestling with for months now!

TV Guide ~ Ask Matt

Question : Now that the movie Twilight is so popular and the HBO show True Blood has generated much interest, do you think CBS regrets the decision to cancel Moonlight after only ONE season? I am so glad I TiVo'd the finale which enables me to get my Alex O'Loughlin and Sophia Myles fix. It was such an interesting love story. I was reminded of Beauty and the Beast. The finale also left the door open for more story, such as the list of vampires that the ADA mysteriously received! Shame on you, CBS, for poor decision making! —Twyla B.

Matt Roush : If CBS were doing as poorly as, say, NBC in prime time, my answer to this would be yes. As it is, CBS is doing so well most nights that it has little incentive to express public regret about much of anything. Still, I’m betting they look back at Moonlight as a lost opportunity, given the deep and passionate following shows of this sort tend to generate. That’s certainly how I regard it. One thing that isn’t in doubt is CBS’s desire to stay in business with Alex O’Loughlin. He’s appearing in a Criminal Minds episode in late April, and he’s been cast in a new medical pilot for CBS. One way or another, he’ll be back. Just minus fangs.

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