Friday, August 15, 2008

News of Alex O'Loughlin's contract is spreading

Jane, at TV Squad, has written about her concerns regarding Alex O'Loughlin's one year contract with CBS.

Alex O'Loughlin inks deal with if they could just create a show like Moonlight...
by Jane Boursaw

I can't decide if this is good news or bad news. Moonlight star Alex O'Loughlin is staying at CBS.

Unless you've been in another galaxy for the past year, you know that the Aussie actor cultivated an enormous fan base with his role as vampire P.I. Mick St. John on CBS' Moonlight. The uproar caused by the cancellation of the show in May can still be heard, well, in another galaxy.

At the Television Critics Association press tour in July, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler said the popularity of Moonlight was due in large part to O'Loughlin's fan base. So I can appreciate the fact that CBS wants to keep him around. But it's what they'll do with him that has me worried.

Under the one-year talent holding deal, O'Loughlin will star in a new series project for CBS to be developed by producer Mark Gordon, whose ABC Studio-based company is behind such series as ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Lifetime's Army Wives, and CBS' Criminal Minds.

It'll make my blood curl if they saddle him with some wimpy Grey's Anatomy-type show. I'm not dissing the show - I'm a huge fan, even during its crummiest seasons. But I'd hate to see O'Loughlin land in some milquetoast ensemble show when he clearly has the chops to headline a unique, fresh series.

You know, like Moonlight. Now if they could just create a show like that for him to star in...

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