Friday, April 4, 2008

Australia ~ Dollywood interviews Alex O'Loughlin

August Rush was released in Australia in February. Lucky for us, Alex has done several interviews to promote the film. It is always wonderful to hear from him. Dollywood had the following quick chat with him. Can you imagine how fun it would be to hang out with Alex and Jonathan Rhys Meyers?!?

Alex O'Loughlin

We caught up with Aussie actor Alex O'Loughlin to hear all about his new film August Rush with Jonathan Rhys Myers and Kerri Russell.

Dolly : So what's August Rush all about?

Alex O'Louglin : It's a film I really wanted to be in — the script was amazing, it's really good stuff. My character is Marshall and he is Louis' (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) brother. The story is that we are from Dublin and go to New York to expand our musical careers and play rock. Johnny's character falls for Kerri's (Russell) and he gets so distracted by this woman we essentially lose him as the older brother and key guitarist. I get really upset with him and a rift happens until we finally come back together and he comes back and he really finds his music and essentially finds himself.

Dolly : Did you have fun making the film?

Alex O'Loughlin : I lived with Johnny and the other guys in the band (in the film) for four months. We had to learn all the music that we perform in the film so we developed relationships. The main thing was that I had a lot of work to do on the accent. I was hanging out with other Irish guys and we played a lot of music together. Living with cast mates was something I'd never done before but it was a lot of fun.

Dolly : I bet you got up to a lot of mischief...

Alex O'Loughlin : We partied, we saw a lot of music, and because Jonathan is who he is we got a lot of free tickets to stuff. We ate a lot of fantastic food, saw lots of great gigs, and before you know it shooting was over. New York is the one place in the world where you really want to forfeit sleep to go out and see the city.

Dolly : What's the biggest misconception about being an actor?

Alex O'Loughlin : "The biggest misconception is that in the first 20 years you're making money. People can't believe it, they're like, "Dude you must make heaps, did this or that," but the reality is while people in regular jobs get a pay cheque every week or month, I get one once a year."

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