Thursday, April 17, 2008

Los Angeles ~ See Alex O'Loughlin in person, give blood and save lives!

The amazing Paley Center event for Moonlight is next Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 in Los Angeles. Outside, the Moonlight Blood Drive will be in full swing! It is so thrilling to see the attention this is bringing to our show. Not only that, but how proud Alex, Sophia and the gang are of their fans efforts to help others while supporting Moonlight. :) In fact, they are going to make an appearance at the Paley Center blood drive! *cheer* I have heard from several people who were unable to get tickets to the sold out event... BUT.... they are still going to donate blood. YEA!

Please, make your appointments! Since the cast will be there, we want them to be blown away by their fans.... right?

Be sure to take lots of photos!

Details ~

The biggest Moonlight Blood Drive is 4/22/08 at the Paley Center where the actors will make an appearance. To make an appointment go to and use the password moonlight (all lower case). This will take the donor straight to the Paley Center events calendar. This is where you can make an appointment from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Donors with an appointment will be given preference over walk-ins. Come out, save a life and see some stars!

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Elena MM said...

Really, i dont know if anybody will read this...but it's ok. Moonlight is coming to Spain now, at summer of 2008, when nobody looks tv...But me, yes. I loved the show since the first episode and i couldnt wait for see more, so in a day, i saw all. Then i needed more -like some vampires- and find that the show was cancelled...But something positive: i see that Alex O'loughlin is really saving lifes, like our heroe Mick St. John. Good job, Alex. And thank you for all, specially, for this.
Elena MM from Spain.