Thursday, April 24, 2008

Video ~ Alex O'Loughlin gracefully handles wacky morning show interview

Early morning chat chit with Alex O'Loughlin. Moonlight is getting quite the promotional push. *cheer* Poor Alex obviously spent a lotta time nailed to a chair doing remotes with various CBS affiliates. He handles the satellite delay & the wacky morning show anchors from WJZ13 (Baltimore, MD) with grace.

Even these guys realize how hot Alex is ~ "In America, we grow actors who look like Peter Falk and Danny De Vito..... they grow actors that look like Hugh Jackman and our guest this morning, Alex O'Loughlin." They go on to tell Alex about one of their wives who has a crush on him.

This video includes spoiler footage we have seen in Moonlight promos.

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