Friday, May 2, 2008

Alex O'loughlin at TV Guide's Sexiest Stars party in LA

Matt Mitovich attended the party TV Guide threw to honor the folks on their Sexiest Stars list. Of course, that included Alex O'Loughlin. In the photos above from last night, Alex is pictured with his fellow Aussie actor, Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck).

Here's what Matt had to say about our Alex.........

Sexiest Stars: Sexy Party Secrets Revealed!
by Matt Webb Mitovich ~ TV Matt'rs

The party celebrating TV Guide's Sexiest Stars issue is just starting to clear out, and for the first time in, oh, six hours I am off my feet. What a time! Katsuya and S Bar here at Hollywood and Vine was chock full of pretty — and that was even before I discovered the whole other room in the back! The turnout was terrific. You had a nearly full House (cast), a bazillion Dancing stars (past and present), Chuck and "Sarah" and, yes, Alex O'Loughlin. TV Guide's Sexiest Woman on TV 2008, Jennifer Love Hewitt, put in an early appearance, entirely earning her honor in a super-shimmery shape-hugging shift (is what I think the ladies call it).

While the memories of my countless laps around the party crowd are still fresh (and only moderately fogged by vodka and tonic), let me do my best to take you inside the Sexiest night of my year.

• A-ha, there's the elusive, everyone-is-looking-for-him Alex O'Loughlin. Having just seen each other last week for the video Q&A, we quickly reconnect, and I tell him how well the first batch of Moonlight fans' questions answered was received. Alas, there is still no word on Season 2, but all fingers are crossed. Ooh, is "cross" a bad word in vampire context…?

Photographs ~ Alex O'Loughlin and Yvonne Strahovski by Alexandra Wyman/

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