Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Campaign to move Moonlight to another network

This photo of Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St John vamped out for a fight definitely fits how we feel!

As I have said, my loyalty is to Moonlight.... not to CBS. I will watch Moonlight no matter when or where it airs! Let's campaign to move our show to another network. A new home that will appreciate it. Since Warner Bros Television owns & produces Moonlight, they can sell it to any network. We need to urge them to shop it around. At the same time, we should encourage other television networks to pick up what CBS has shortsightedly dropped. FX seems like a great fit to me. Alex O'Loughlin is already known there from his great role as Det Kevin Hiatt on The Shield :) Of course, we are open to ANY tv network that is smart enough to pounce on Moonlight.

Tell the WB that we will follow Moonlight!


Moonlight's WB page

WB feed back form ~

Petition to move Moonlight to another network

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