Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Message from Alex O'Loughlin to Moonlight fans about the cancelation

Alex O'Loughlin has sent this heartfelt message out to Moonlight fans. He is such a thoughtful person. We are fortunate to have had him leading our show!

Family and Friends
Current mood: Shocked and sad

Dear Friends, Family and wonderful, wonderful Fans of MOONLIGHT.

Well, where to start....?

The decision to cancel MOONLIGHT... my MOONLIGHT... our MOONLIGHT, is as much of a shock and gut wrenching surprise to me as it is to all of you.

Really, I don't even know where to begin.

I sit here at my computer, still slack jawed even 24 hours after receiving the news that my services are no longer required on the set of this show. A show we have all come to know and love deeply, and it hurts more than I can possibly tell you.

Since i got THE CALL I have not read anything online or otherwise, I have not been following blogs or forums, I have not been reading the trades or opinion polls and I have not been calling around to get information.

"Why are you not fighting for your show?!" I hear you all scream!!

The truth is my friends, I never STOPPED fighting for it.

From the very beginning when I was told time and again that i wasn't the man for the job, having to prove myself to everyone with tests and screen tests, to a complete re-casting of the show, through 5 different show runners at the helm with 5 different artistic visions, to a Writer's strike that took 5 episodes away from us...... oh how the list goes on.

But through all of that, i am proud to say that not once did I bow down and allow someone else to come in and do with MOONLIGHT as they please. And along the way, if I needed a break and wanted to do that, I don't think I could have anyway because, well, I suppose it's just not in my nature! ;)

This is all still so fresh for me and I am going to need a little time to process this whole thing before i can digest what has actually happened, let alone move on.

Honestly. I really feel lost for words.

I will say however, that never, never in my life have I experienced first hand a level of support from a group of people like that of you all who are reading this now, and who 'loved this show to life' alongside me. It has been overwhelming to say the least.

I am grateful to you all.

I am extremely proud to be associated with this piece of television.

And I am so, so sorry to my very core, to lose MOONLIGHT.

All my love,

Alex O'Loughlin x

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