Friday, June 20, 2008

DirecTv poll ~ Would you become a subscriber?

Several thoughtful fans passed on this information to me. Thank you! You have been wonderful about making it easier for me to keep up to date during these horrible days when I have limited time online.

You are doing a fantastic job of contacting not only the networks, but also flooding DirecTv with mail asking them to step up to financially sponsor a second season of Moonlight :) Now, Leeser ( from Moonlightline ) has posted a poll at their request. She has said that they will be monitoring the numbers. Apparently, they want to get an idea of fan willingness to subscribe to their service ~ if they arrange a deal with Moonlight similar to what they did for Friday Night Lights.

Note : If you would like to vote, you must become a member of the forum first.

If DirecTV does indeed decide to help sponsor the show, would you switch toDirecTV as your service provider, do you already HAVE DirecTV, or will youNOT switch at all?

No problem. I already have DirecTV!
I'll switch to DirecTV in a hot second!
Not switching.

Follow this link if you would like to participate in the voting.....

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