Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fan Video ~ New Save Moonlight promo from the talented Italian fans

Oooooooooo my..... The Italian fans are at it again! They have created another incredible Moonlight fan video promo. "Save Moonlight - Get a second season" I have chills, especially due to that final shimmering image of dangerous looking Mick St John ( taken from footage Alex O'Loughlin's specifically filmed for the first Moonlight UK Living TV commercial ).

This clip is being added to the ones I use to encourage others to help save our Vampire. If you saw this passionate video, wouldn't you want to join the campaign? We need to get everyone we can involved in the fight to save Moonlight! We must continue to reach out to fans in real life also.

"They tried to kill him, and they failed. Mick is in trouble, but this time Beth is not enough. Join other Moonlighters all around the world. Get a second season.... right here... right now! Still undead!"

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