Monday, June 16, 2008

You are so amazing & caring!

Thank you all for the concerned cards, emails and comments. Your sympathy has touched not only myself, but everyone in our family. I can not thank you enough!

I'm afraid I have more sad news to share with you.........

Leeser & Poof, from Moonlightline, have had a death in their family also. Lisa's step-father passed away. I know you will join me in sending thoughts & prayers their way.

After these emotionally exhausting days and the long physically exhausting trip for the funeral, we finally arrived home. Everyone was sprawled about the living room trying to regroup... and telling stories. We had not been home for an hour when I received a call from my sister. Another death in our family. Our Uncle passed away. He was a funny and very family oriented man. He will be dearly missed!

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