Friday, June 6, 2008

Moonlight fans win TV Squad award as Nuttiest Fans

We are not surprised by this win, are we? :)

By the way.... TV Squad included a video of Mick & Josef drinking from his freshie (which is a scene from Moonlight's season finale ~ Sonata episode #1x16) with the article. I did not post it here beause it is a CBS hosted clip. After CBS canceled our show, I decided not to put any more of their videos on the blog.

The Nuttiest Fans Award: Winner
by Annie Wu

Ladies and gentlemen and vampires, the winner of the TV Squad Nuttiest Fans Award 2008 is... Moonlight!

Punches were thrown, names were called, hearts were broken, but the TV Squad team has made its decision. Not only did Moonlight win the Readers Choice, but we decided that the fans of the show are the most scarily hardcore out of the five nominees.

This was a tough decision, with both the fans of Jericho and members of the Colbert Nation putting up a fair fight. All three groups have done considerable work for charity and have made their dedication well-known through various bizarre acts of fan-love. However, the overwhelming excitement for Moonlight has been compared to the likes of the the Beatlemania era. For a show that has lasted only one season, that's pretty darn impressive.

I experienced some of this manic fanaticism first-hand. As I have mentioned before, I attended the Moonlight panel at this year's New York Comic-Con. I spent the majority of the session in the secluded balcony seating, as I was genuinely a little freaked out by the shrieking horde below. Luckily, I had made it up there before the stars of the show, Alex O'Loughlin and Jason Dohring, appeared onstage. My eardrums would have burst otherwise, I swear. However, even that couldn't compare to the intensity of the crowd's reactions during the clips from the show itself. Words cannot describe the shrill, absolute glee that filled the room, especially when Shannyn Sossamon got a chair leg through the chest.

Fans have also teamed up with Red Cross in organizing dozens of blood drives across the country. Over 3,000 fans promised to donate a pint each in an effort to show their support for a possible Season Two. Even show star O'Loughlin joined in, serving as the official spokesman for the effort, as the drive followed him through various promotional appearances.

What is it about vampire-themed things that make fans extra nutty? Anne Rice's work has had incredible followings, the mediocre Twilight series has an unusually large fanbase and Sesame Street's Count has groupies lined up 'round the block. I guess ladies can't resist broody, pale men and their sharpened canines.


Anonymous said...

We are truly a passionate group of folks. Nice to know people 'out there' know it too! LOL! Here's hoping TPTB, where ever they may be, take note that the fans are showing up everywhere! I applaud your decision to not provide a direct like to 'you know who' on your site because of their treatment of OUR show! THE FIGHT GOES ON........SAVE MOONLIGHT!

Caro said...

We are truly a passionate group of fans! Here's hoping that TPTB, where ever they may be, take note that we are everywhere! I applaud your decision to not post a direct link to 'you know who' for their treatment of our show. Let's keep up the good fight.......SAVE MOONLIGHT!